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Andrea Hobbs is Perfection





I love Hobbs! I need to discuss this love. There are many things I like about her. Andrea Hobbs is sassy! She rolls her eyes more than Flynn. She is completely over the number of morons she deals with everyday. She has a dry sense of humor. If you blink you will miss it, but she gets some good…

I LOVE seeing Kathe’s name on the credits! I want her and Sharon at happy hour when a crime happens. She needs a girl friend.

Yes! I agree 100%. I want to see these two ladies at happy hour. I want to see a strong female friendship in this show. Andrea and Sharon could be great friends if TPTB would just explore the female dynamics of trust, respect, loyalty, and camaraderie. They both need someone to vent too. If Sharon Raydor is supposed to be a hero, then show how women in charge help each other. Show how women can be friends. It is not always about who is in charge, who has seniority, who slept with who, etc. I need to see a concrete real adult friendship between two women that I respect. Perhaps if more relationships between women as friends were on television then more women would try to imitate that respect they see.


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Major Crimes + Fangirling 

Can’t help but feel this episode was about me, a little bit.

*hides Mary pictures on the wall*

But that last one sums up my life